January 9, 2019

Office-Based Counseling

Individual: Eric utilizes an evidence based therapeutic approach to help treat his clients. Together, the client and Eric will evaluate the level of unhealthy emotions and behavior, along with their triggers. The client and the Eric will explore and challenge faulty thinking and how-to re-frame those thoughts by replacing self-defeating limiting beliefs with new hopeful beliefs so the client can effectively cope with the life stress and walk in freedom and emotional restoration.

Adolescent: In most cases, adolescents need someone to listen first and reply second. Children who have suffered from an acute or chronic trauma, responds best to a therapist who utilizes a Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), which is an uniquely tailored evidence based therapeutic approach. There is a strong consideration given to the cultural and spiritual context of adolescents’ client’s home and community.

Family: Traditional and blended family issues through marriage, adoption the impact of divorce on all family members are also explored, especially when working with children. Family Therapy is helpful when helping respond to a child’s negative, disruptive and oppositional behavior at home or in school as well as their emotional health, such as low self-esteem, feelings of depression, heightened anxiety, fears, and concerns about their ability keep themselves safe.  Through Family Therapy, triggers are identified, boundary can be established and effective communication strategies are employed to promote stability and mutual cooperation among all family members.

Pre-Marriage and Couples Counseling: Before you say “I do”, issues related to communication, intimacy, infidelity, emotional affairs,  divorce, money management and parenting approaches are discussed and worked on as needed.