January 9, 2019

Meet Eric

216-282-3722 Ext: 1000

Eric is a three-time graduate of Cleveland State University with Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Counseling. He has a positive, relaxed and calming approach to working with his clients. In addition, Eric utilizes an integrated strength-based cognitive behavioral approach to working with adolescents, adults and families.

Eric’s clients include: Adolescent and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, grief/loss as well as substance use disorders; Couples struggling with pre-marital anxiety, infidelity and effect communication; Traditional and blended families with children suffering from adjustment disorder, optional defiant, conduct disorder and behavioral disorders; Men struggling with anger, sexual wellness and health management disorders.

Mission Statement
As a mental health professional, my aim is to provide a skilled and trustworthy counseling experience delivered with integrity, authenticity, warmth and professionalism, while providing an open and supportive environment to help my clients achieve their therapeutic goals.